Lattissima Reviews

Lattissima Reviews

Lattissima Reviews

Of all Lattissima reviews, this Lattissima Espresso machine review proves the machine to be a welcome item in the household, especially if you love espresso, and do not have the time to run to the coffee shop all the time.

To be able to walk into your kitchen and find the Lattissima Espresso standing on the counter with the sleek stainless steel housing, offers a piece of mind all coffee lovers can appreciate.

Lattissima reviews that this stylish slim appliance does not occupy too much space on the counter, and offers you the perfect single cup beverage at the press of a button.

Lattissima Reviews Flavor

If you are a coffee addict, you would enjoy the recipes that are available in the manual for the Lattissima Espresso.  You do not have to contemplate the correct measurements and whether your coffee will be as you dreamed about, only follow the easy instructions in the manual to get your ideal cup of espresso.

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Lattissima reviews that every time you make your espresso, you find perfection to the taste buds.  The best part of this machine is you could brew a single cup of espresso and your coffee will be steaming hot.  The aroma of the coffee is immediately in the air as soon as you have started the machine.

If you prefer to have decaf coffee; that is not a problem as the online shop where you buy the capsules for your machine caters for the lover of decaf coffee as well.  The capsules are recyclable and you only need to send the used capsules back to the online supplier where you bought it from.  It is good to know that your coffee machine manufacturer is an environment friendly company.

Lattissima Reviews the Machine

Your Lattissima Espresso machine will be the talk amongst your friends and you do not have to be a master chef to create your best coffee. Lattissima reviews that you simply fill up the tank, add your espresso capsule and switch on the machine.  How much easier could it be?  If the machine was standing idle for a period of time, it only needs about 30 seconds to warm up again.

In Lattissima reviews, the Lattissima Espresso machine would be welcome in the office at coffee breaks for the coffee lovers.  The machine would be appreciated as it is ready most of the time to give the espresso to those who do not have the time to take an extended break.  Our lives in an office are always under pressure and when you need the caffeine to get you going, you only need to fill up your cup again.

Lattissima Reviews Bonuses

If you prefer to have your perfect espresso following a dinner out, you are safe to know that back at home, your Lattissima machine is waiting for that one button push to produce your after dinner espresso that wasn’t available at the restaurant.

Also, Lattissima reviews that the Lattissima Espresso machine is compact enough to take it with you wherever you go.  You only need an electrical source to plug the machine in and you are ready to face the day.

When going over Lattissima reviews, you will learn that this machine is affordable, delivers perfectly every time and cannot be matched in the espresso world.

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Pixie Reviews

Pixie Reviews

Pixie Reviews

Over Pixie reviews, if you are looking to replace an older espresso coffee machine because you are in the mood for new, look no further than Nespresso’s newest Pixie line.
As you know, there are several espresso machines of different brands in the racks.

The features of one brand differ from another and it is easy to become confused. If you are having trouble deciding, this one of many Pixie reviews should help you make a choice.
Nespresso Pixie offers many of the same great features Nespresso lovers are accustomed to.

Pixie Reviews the Machine

There are many reasons for selecting the Nespresso Pixie Espresso. The manufacture of the product is Nestle Company, the most reputed and popular brand in coffee industry during last few decades.

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The stylish, smart and compact design is fully automatic.

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso machine has quickly become the one of the most popular brands compared to other coffee makers. You are sure to enjoy the fantastic taste of coffee, which comes directly from the coffee maker.

Pixie reviews that the Pixie machine is available in six different colors. These are black, red, white grey, green and blue. The variants include both of with milk froth & without milk froth. The various innovative models with multiple features in such a small machine are charming.

In Pixie reviews, you find that the Pixie is the latest addition to Nespresso’s machine lines. The name Pixie speaks for itself when you set your sights on this great looking stylish machine.

Pixie Reviews Features   

You will definitely fall in love with this grand little Nespresso Pixie Espresso maker, and the experience of making and drinking espresso. Compared to other makers, the machine is easy to start and the handling of the water tank and the milk container is customer friendly.

It allows any size of cup and the one touch system makes the starting system very simple. One of the characteristic of Pixie Espresso milk froth is it can automatically make the best combination of milk with the coffee.
The 16 varieties of aromatic coffees, from the house of Nestle, make the taste and flavors of coffee unparalleled.

The capsules are hermetically sealed in order to maintain freshness from packing to cup. In addition, they care color coded for easy identification allowing you to re-order easily when you are in the market for new pods.

Pixie Reviews Bonuses

Pixie reviews more advantages of the Nespresso Pixie Espresso maker including the speedy time from button push to dispense. It takes only 20 seconds to make a cup of coffee with grand flavor & great taste.

Some other features of this coffee maker are automatic programmable functions, used capsule container, cable storage underneath the machine, and it can be adjusted according to the need of the users.

Pixie reviews the automatic pump refilling and low consumption of electricity as added features. It can be transported easily due to its small size and less weight.

For the Nespresso fan, the Pixie reviews this compact sleek looking machine as an absolute added value to your home or office.

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CitiZ Review

CitiZ Review

CitiZ Review

According to the CitiZ review Nespresso knows style and the design of the Nespresso CitiZ is simple proof of that fact. Yet another beautiful machine designed by Nespresso, the CitiZ combines fine European styling with advanced technological brainpower.

The result is a finely brewed coffee drink that takes the Nespresso CitiZ beyond the basic espresso maker and into the realm of a fully robust modern coffeehouse.

The CitiZ Will Start Working Before You Do

When you’re in a rush even the simplest tasks can feel like they take forever. Though in reality single serve coffee makers can brew a complete cup of coffee in a matter of minutes, the process can magically feel like hours when you’re already late getting out the door.

This is no longer a concern for you if you own the Nespresso CitiZ. Unlike other Nespresso models, the CitiZ features an automatic programming feature that allows you to set the time for your CitiZ to automatically begin brewing your coffee in the morning.

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This means you can have a beautifully prepared latte waiting for you as soon as you wake up without having to worry about a thing.

Long gone are the days when you’ve had to spend extra time precisely measuring and steaming an espresso and then even more time cleaning up. Now, the Nespresso CitiZ does it all for you and you don’t have to worry about cleaning a single thing.

Like other Nespresso models, the CitiZ also automatically self cleans. Imagine that!

The CitiZ Review Will Turn Heads

If you’re contemplating purchasing a machine like the Nespresso CitiZ, chances are you are looking for something that looks as sophisticated as your tastes.

The CitiZ review boasts an ultra modern design that still somehow manages to maintain a certain flirty retro appeal will be a great addition to your countertop. Its clean and sophisticated styling complement its user friendly functionality and its quality coffee production.

You will quickly find it a topic of conversation at gatherings even before the first drop of coffee hits the bottom of the glass.

The Nespresso CitiZ will be more than just another appliance that clutters your kitchen countertops. It can make a fine element of kitchen decor that screams sophistication in its design and handling.

Retailing between $250 and $350 the CitiZ may seem like a pricey initial investment but the quality and variety of drinks able to be made by the sleek machine may allow users to forgo their usual coffee shop visits and ultimately help them save money on pricey store bought coffee drinks.

At an average of four dollars a pop, buying your own robust machine could pay off in the long run and ultimately save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention hundreds of little paper cups.

Skip the morning rush at your local coffee shop and give up sipping your drinks through cheap plastic tops. Instead, wake up to your favorite coffee drink in a beautiful ceramic mug. Change up your coffee style with the CitiZ review and consider the Nespresso CitiZ machine.

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Essenza Review

Essenza Review

If you’re looking for a simple, clean and compact espresso maker that can easily fit in with your household appliances, the Nespresso Essenza review can show you that this may be the machine for you.

The no nonsense design is great for those looking for an espresso machine that doesn’t look too self involved or pretentious to make a simple cup of steaming, none frilly, black espresso that has a bite to it.

Unlike its Nespresso counterparts the Essenza blends in a little better with its approachable design. It would fit in on a repair shop work table just as it would on the desk of a business executive.

It is the every-man’s espresso maker because you don’t have to wear fine Italian suits to appreciate a fine Italian beverage.

Don’t be fooled, though. Just because it doesn’t have the allure of other Nespresso machines, the Essenza review will say that it still packs a punch and offers the best technological features that allow for the perfect cup of espresso to be brewed at the push of a button. You also don’t have to worry about cleanup.

The tiny bot automatically cleans itself making the complete espresso process effortless and much more enjoyable.

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Essenza Review: Features of the Essenza

Like other Nespresso machines, the Essenza is a single serve automatic espresso maker. It has a one touch milk frother and uses the same coffee capsules used in other Nespresso machines.

It also boasts of the same unique ThermoBlock heating technology that allows for the perfect drink temperature every time. With the Essenza you never have to worry about measuring because the work is done for you.

The machine boasts of both automatic and programmable coffee quantity features. It also comes with an automatic milk frother.

Because of its smaller design the removable water tank only has a capacity of forty-one ounces but because of the small size of espressos, this still allows for an ample amount of drinks to be made before needing to refill.

This model also includes the usual built in capsule collection container that makes clean up a snap.

Who is the Essenza Good for?

Anyone! Like mentioned before, the Nespresso Essenza is one of the company’s most approachable espresso machine models. The simple design and user friendly features allow it to fit in anywhere and be used by anyone.

Quite simply, anyone who is looking to make a great cup of coffee without having to exert much energy and without having to do much clean up will find the Essenza a great option.

Not only is its design and function approachable, but its price tag isn’t bad either. Retailing at around $250 the machine is one of the most affordable espresso machines on the market today.

New users don’t have to empty their wallets to get a quality machine that performs quickly and cleanly. Though the capsules can be a bit costly when compared with regular coffee granules, this model comes with twelve included capsules to get you started.

If you’re looking for a no nonsense machine that allows you to spend more time enjoying your espresso than preparing it, by reading the Nespresso Essenza review you can decide if this machine is the one for you.

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Lattissima Review

Lattissima Review

Lattissima Review

The Nespresso Lattissima review might say that this machine is the Ferrari of the espresso machine world.

Its smooth symmetrical exterior hints at an even more beautiful functionality and uniqueness. It is not all about the looks with the Lattissima.

The machine has a sharp electronic mind that not only allows it to brew espressos but cappuccinos and macchiatos as well. You won’t find the same options outside of the Nespresso Lattissima line.

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The Nespresso Lattissima review boasts of a removable fresh milk container with a half a liter capacity that can easily be stored in your refrigerator.

It also includes an automatic milk infusing feature, power saving mode, automatic coffee volume controls as well as a 1.2 liter water tank. This robust espresso machine goes beyond the basics and adds a nice variety of options for the coffee drinker who wants to mix it up every now and then.

The Lattissima Does the Hard Work Automatically

Though it is a slightly bigger machine, the Lattissima still uses the simple coffee capsule system found in other Nespresso machines allowing for easy use and for even easier cleanup. Anyone who has used a traditional espresso machine knows the pain of clean up.

It’s always a chore and sometimes even a deterrent to making the espresso in the first place. The Nespresso Lattissima review also boasts a self cleaning feature that functions with the push of a button. It is an espresso maker that makes a variety of perfectly measured coffee drinks and cleans up after itself. What more could you ask for?

The Lattissima review: More than an Espresso Maker

Like mentioned before, the Lattissima makes more than espresso. It has the capacity to make a variety of coffee drinks that other Nespresso machines cannot. This is an essential feature for anyone who is not merely a devoted espresso drinker and who is looking for a machine that can serve multiple purposes.
Let’s face it. Space is a premium for almost everyone. Kitchen counters clutter quickly and there isn’t always room, though many of us wish there was for our ten different fully devoted coffee drink makers.

By making the Lattissima a little more robust in terms of coffee drink options, Nespresso has effectively combined a state of the art espresso maker with an equally impressive latte, cappuccino and macchiato maker.

This opens up the market to a whole new type of consumer. Instead of a dedicated espresso maker simply for those looking for a professional grade addition to their coffee regimen, the Lattissima is a viable option for those looking to replace a trip to their local coffee shop with a simple and effective home brewing system that will save them money in the long run.

Though the initial investment may seem a little steep (the Lattissima retails for around $500), it may easily pay itself off after forgoing a few months of daily four dollar coffee at the local coffee shop.

With its sleek and stylish design and its robust technological features, a person can read the Nespresso Lattissima review and find out that this machine will prove to be a premiere player in the espresso market.

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pixie review

Pixie Review

Pixie Review

The Nespresso Pixie review will tell you that there is something about the espresso maker that takes you to a different place. It’s a fine tuned machine with the looks to match.

Its sleek clean lines, brilliant colors and compact design instantly transform your kitchen counter into a luxuriously modern bistro and you into a sophisticated European barista.

The Swiss-made machine is a staple at luxury hotels around the world and a top choice for executive suites in the finest office buildings.

Now, you can buy one for your home. Its compact size is ideal for small spaces. As the smallest machine produced by Nespresso, the Pixie is also very environmentally friendly.

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The machine’s thermoblock heats to an optimal temperature in less than 30 seconds, a fraction of the time it can take its larger counterparts. On top of that, the Pixie automatically shuts down after nine minutes of no use.

The Nespresso Pixie review Packs a Punch

Don’t be fooled by its compact size. The Pixie still packs the same punch that Nespresso has become known for. It takes the same capsules and offers two programmable cup sizes depending on your drink preference.

It also features a foldable drip tray that allows for easy handling of larger cup sizes in case you’re looking to simply add a shot of espresso to your milk based beverage. The Pixie has a removable water tank that offers easy refills but its impressive one liter capacity won’t have you running back and forth to the sink. Not bad for an elegant espresso maker that can fit on your desk.

This single serve machine certainly has its benefits. It is quick and efficient and adds an element of style that’s simply hard to find in the consumer espresso market.

However, the cost of capsules, and the machine itself (which retails for around $250) can be a bit pricey for the novice espresso drinker, who’s simply looking for a home-use machine to save money. Unless you are an avid espresso drinker and can find satisfaction in only a small shot of espresso everyday you likely won’t save any money getting this machine.

You’ll find it a relatively expensive supplement for your regular coffee regimen.

For those who are looking for a dedicated espresso machine that can instantly satisfy their daily espresso cravings, you may have found the perfect Nespresso machine for you. In terms of initial investment, when reading the Pixie review you will see that it is actually a fairly inexpensive machine for your purposes and can be a great first espresso machine for those looking to enter the espresso culture with a little style.

The User- Friendly Pixie Features are Great for Newbies

If you’re new to the espresso game and already feeling a little jittery about the whole thing, the Nespresso Pixie is a great “starter” espresso machine.

Its user friendly set up allows you to brew a perfectly sized espresso at the precise temperature with a the push of a single button. In no time you’ll be brewing professional grade espressos that will impress not only yourself but your friends and family as well.

So, if you’re looking to up your coffee game and show a little class, the Nespresso Pixie review can give you the boost you need without the jitters.

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Nespresso Aeroccino  

Nespresso Aeroccino

Nespresso Aeroccino

For the Espresso or Latte’ Macchiato lover, one of the most important elements is the milk froth, and with this comes the very important reason why you should learn about and buy Nespresso Aeroccino to get the creamy froth or hot milk hate to love.

When you get a Nespresso Aeroccino, you will be pleased to find that the Aeroccino Plus is available in a variety of colors to compliment any home or office décor. Our kitchen accessories are very important, and this stylish accessory comes in Stainless, White, Red or Black.


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In addition, when you buy a Nespresso Aeroccino, you will find that this convenient accessory makes perfect hot or cold milk froth in just seconds so that you can enjoy your drink of choice immediately!

Purchase a Nespresso Aeroccino Because…

Because Nespresso has the main goal of making coffee lovers happy from every angle, you will be extremely satisfied when you buy the Nespresso Aeroccino. The Aeroccino is compact is size, taking up very little counter space.

The Aeroccino Plus is cordless, this eliminating the need for an additional outlet in the kitchen. Cordless units take up less space and eliminate the unsightly cord that sometimes can get tangled with other cords on the kitchen counter.

When you buy the Nespresso Aeroccino, you will happy to find that the milk frother has a new larger capacity that can make ideal hot or cold milk froth. Also, you have the ability to heat milk which is an added bonus.

Nespresso Aeroccino Automatic Milk Frother Specs

The Nespresso Aeroccino Plus milk frother as mentioned is a very compact and stylish looking device. The milk froth capacity for this frother is 4.4 ounces / 130 ml, and the maximum capacity for the hot milk is 8.5 ounces / 250 ml.

The diameter of this great little accessory is 4.1 inches / 10.3 cm and the height is 6.7 inches / 17 cm, which allows you to place this cute little device almost anywhere without taking up too much additional space.

Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Features

This user friendly, stylish, appropriately sized milk frothing piece of machinery was designed to prepare rich milk froth and hot milk. It features two whisks, one of which you will find fixed beneath the lid of the frother.

You simply insert the whisk of choice to the inside of the container and then fill the jug with fresh cold milk up to the convenient limit mark, and press the button. When your cycle has finished, the automatic back-lights on the buttons with turn off.

Another great feature you will have when you buy Aeroccino is the ability to make coffee and milk froth simultaneously! How great is it when a cup of Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato is ready to drink in less than one minute by simply pushing a button?!

More than that, you can make 3 cycles in a row without the dreaded wait and easily switch out the whisk if needed in the process. The frothing or the heating process starts and stops using the same button!

Because of these great features, when you buy the Nespresso Aeroccino you will get a great, smart, simple to use device that is compact and stylish looking with four great colors to choose from. The new larger capacity is as well a bonus for milk froth or hot milk lovers.

Important to note as well is that Aeroccino Plus makes virtually no noise when in operation, and hot milk or light creamy milk froth is what you will end up with when you buy the Nespresso Aeroccino.

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Buy Nespresso

Buy Nespresso

Buy Nespresso for the Design

Over the years, reasons to buy Nespresso have become obvious to coffee lovers, but for those who are just becoming coffee drinkers, you will want to stick around and learn the many reasons you will as well want to buy Nespresso from the first cup on.

With the state of the art machine designs and from the bean to the cup, Nespresso has become synonymous with a complete experience based on ease and wonderful tasting coffee.

Today, reasons to buy Nespresso comes in the form of 5 different collections of solid, stylish machines in various colors and sizes. You will have several to choose from including the latest Pixie line, the Premium, Lattissima line, Essenza line and CitiZ line.

You can buy Nespresso machines in a variety of colors. The Pixie line offers aluminum, electric lime, electric steel blue, electric indigo blue, electric red and finally electric titan (titanium).

The CitiZ line is offered in limousine black, retro white, fire engine red, and titanium, some of which are available in the CitiZ & Milk line as well.

You can also buy Nespresso in the Lattissima line in midnight blue, silky white, passion red, black and iced silver.

You will find the Nespresso Essenza in titanium and black. All of the above machines and colors will be the perfect complement to your kitchen area or even your office. The variety is outstanding.

To buy Nespresso means to purchase an extremely innovative and advanced piece of kitchen ware that is developed to deliver excellent coffee with the simplicity that we all love. The machines were specifically designed to deliver the wonderful aromas and flavor profiles of the exclusive coffee pods.

Referred to as a timeless design, Nespresso is known for its high standards in delivery and craftsmanship. They sport sleek and angular lines, modern designs, and the latest technology in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Nespresso has received several prestigious awards for design innovations, international product design, and high design quality on more than one occasion. This is assurance that you are getting the best when you buy Nespresso.

Buy Nespresso for the Technology

Reaching beyond the design, you will find the top of the line technology that Nespresso uses in their machine creation.  Each machine is designed to release the aroma and character of the hermetically sealed coffee capsules.

The extraction system is second to none with the high-pressure (19 bars) that perfectly releases the amazing aromas. The system also has optimal flow and distribution of water through the ground coffee and an automatic ejection of the used pod into an included container.

Buy Nespresso for the Coffee

Since we have discovered that if we buy Nespresso, we get excellent design and technology, it is time to discuss the wonder of the coffee.  Nespresso has delivered to us 16 Grand Crus of exceptionally flavored coffee.

The 16 Grand Crus were specially developed by Nespresso coffee experts with distinct characters and aromatic profiles in mind. The choices are many and delicious just the same. You can find aromas such as very roasted, honey, cocoa, cereal, citrus, woody, spicy, flowery and winey.

Delivered in Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo or Milk Recipes, you can choose from different Espressos, Lungos, Decaffeinatos, and Pure Origines. Each capsule is color coded for easy identification and pod purchase.  You can also choose the intensity level of the coffee you pick.

Each capsule contains the world’s finest ground coffee and is completely hermetically sealed in order to protect the Grand Crus from air to ensure optimal freshness. This allows the taste to be exceptionally fresh right up until you take your first sip.

In addition, the shape of the Nespresso pod is been designed specifically to ensure that the high pressure water flows evenly throughout the ground coffee in the process of extraction, with perfect timing of the temperature and flow in order to get the aroma that any coffee lover expects.

Buy Nespresso for You

Throughout this article, we have learned why you should buy Nespresso.  From the timeless grand designs, colors, simplicity of machine operation, to the excellent flavors and aromas, Nespresso is definitely on top of their game.

If you are looking for a great looking machine that delivers the freshest and most flavorful coffee on the market,