Essenza Titan Gray

Essenza Titan Gray

Nespresso’s Essenza Titan Gray is nothing less than what you have become to expect from Nespresso’s espresso machine lines. With Nespresso’s brilliant simplicity and compact design, the Essenza Titan Gray is virtually flawless in elegance and function.

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The features that we have become accustomed to with Nespresso are obvious when you get a look at this convenient machine. As with Nespresso’s other single serve espresso machines, the Essenza Titan Gray has the renowned 19 bar pressure pump that makes your beverage just that special.

Essenza Titan Gray and Capsules

The Nespresso Essenza Titan Gray is designed to work with the exclusive Nespresso capsules (sometimes referred to as pods). Nespresso lovers know that there is a wide variety of flavor profiles available in the 16 Grand Crus that are known to deliver a perfect espresso each and every time.

The widely popular pods contain the world’s finest coffee with a hermetic seal. This seal ensures optimal freshness until use. Each capsule has a different flavor profile, aroma and character. Color coded for easy identification, you have a vast variety of choices to include decaffeinated options.

Essenza Titan Gray Features

The Essenza Titan Gray sports many of the well known features of Nespresso:

  • Automatic control of coffee volume with programmable functions
  • 19-Bar Pressure Pump
  • Unique Thermoblock Heating Element
  • Simple capsule insertion
  • 30.4 ounce/1 Liter removable water tank
  • Convenient used capsule container
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Popular and simple color options
  • Energy Savings Mode

Essenza Titan Gray – Your perfect machine?

Is the Essenza Titan Gray the perfect machine for your home or office? If you consider the above, it is hard to find fault with this machine, however; some things to consider individually might be:

  • Great machine price; yet the capsules/pods are exclusive and need to be replaced via Nespresso
  • Cup sizes offered are espresso and Lungo; however it is easy enough to run twice and transfer

Nespresso Essenza Titan Gray Summary

As you can see, it is difficult to find fault with this espresso machine.  Because of the simplicity and convenience of ease in using this machine, you have more time to spend enjoying your espresso or Lungo.

The Essenza requires minimal clean up thanks to the used pod container which will only need to be emptied after 12 to 14 uses. Combined with the removable water tank that allows you to leave your machine where it belongs, there is virtually no mess.

Because the Essenza Titan Gray delivers you your drink in around 30 seconds, you will waste no time standing in

Nespresso Essenza Titan Gray

Essenza Titan Gray with Capsules

front of the machine waiting impatiently for delivery, and for those on the run, this is an exceptional bonus.

The serving temperature of your espresso will be perfect in comparison to some machines that deliver a sub-par temp and the 19 bar pressure pump aids in the perfect extraction of the coffee from the pod offering you a great full taste every time.

The energy savings mode will handle any accidental “oops, left the machine on” situations, and with the stylish compact design of the Essenza Titan Gray, it will fit snugly anywhere on your counter top at home or office.

The Essenza Titan Gray is also offered in the Essenza Piano Black, and with the features outlined, this machine is an excellent grab for the price.

With the Essenza Titan Gray, you can absolutely have the perfect espresso or Lungo each and every time within seconds, perfectly hot and flavorful, mess free. Enough said!

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