Lattissima Plus Ice Silver

Lattissima Plus Ice Silver

Lattissima Plus Ice Silver

The Lattissima Plus Ice Silver espresso machine should in my opinion come with a health warning.  Having recently purchased one, I find that I am all but addicted to using it.  I have used many different types of coffee machines in the past but this one stands out from the crowd.

It is loaded with features and produces some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.  The price point is excellent and it does in my opinion provide great value for money.

Forget about being a daily visitor to your local café or coffee shop when you own a Lattissima Plus Ice Silver. The amount of money to be saved by owning this stylish espresso maker will contribute to the value price paid for this equipment.

No doubt your investment will be paid back within a few months.  I think that goes a long way in explaining just how good the coffee is, including lattes, espressos and cappuccinos.

Lattissima Plus Ice Silver Features

Nespresso has a taste that is unique. The Lattissima Plus Ice Silver machine proves that the coffee rises above the competition.  The flavors are great from this machine and you also get a great range of options which I will discuss in details below.

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Let’s begin with the appearance and the silver ice finish which just makes it look like a quality machine.  There is no doubt that the designers put a lot of thought into the finished product.  It is ideal for those with a small kitchen as it does not take up a lot of room.

The Lattissima Plus Ice Silver also has a nice way of standing out in a larger kitchen.  That is pretty clever designing by any standards. It is just under 30cm tall (about one foot tall) with a similar depth and the width of the machine is the half of this at 16cm (just over 6″ wide).

The manufacturers describe this as compact, and I would share that opinion.  This machine is neat and tidy and is great for fitting in to a small corner of your kitchen.

The Lattissima Plus Ice Silver uses Nespresso’s exclusive hermetically sealed coffee pods available in many flavor profiles and aromas. The capsules are convenient, delicious and are automatically dispensed into your included empty capsule container. You are delivered a fresh creamy coffee in a less than 1 minute.

Lattissima Plus Ice Silver Benefits

Clean up using the Lattissima is a cinch when you are able to get your beverage, leave your coffee station and not worry about having to clean up or toss trash away, and can just enjoy and go about your business.

The machine also has a unique brewing and extraction system that is the preserve of Delonghi, who are the leading brand provider of quality coffee machines.  The 19 bar pressure pump and in addition to the speed this machine offers is a coffee lovers dream.  It is ready to use in under a minute.

When you are in the process of entertaining, having a traditional machine that takes forever to produce your coffee is no fun. Your guests would not like to wait in a line to receive coffee, and you don’t want to keep them waiting.

The feature of having a milk container at the front just makes producing the lattes etc a gift to do.  Fill it up and hit the

Lattissima Plus Ice Silver

Lattissima Plus Ice Silver

steamer button and in an instant you will have a frothy latte.  It’s yet another great benefit from this machine and the container can be quickly rinsed and cleaned ready for the next use.

The Lattissima Plus Ice Silver also offers programmable volume control, back-lit control buttons, removable steam nozzle for hot water and steam functions, and an Auto Cappuccino nozzle for easy preparation of milk froth and hot milk.

In addition, you will find an 8.5 ounce / 250 ml hot milk capacity and a 30.4 ounce / 1 liter water tank. The Lattissima Plus Ice Silver also comes in Passion Red, Midnight Blue and Silky White, which are all excellent colors and would fit in with any décor you may have.

I hope this review on the Lattissima Plus Ice Silver machine has helped you make your mind up about the great value for money it offers and the quality of the coffee types it can produce quickly and with ease.

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