lattissima plus red

Lattissima Plus Red

Lattissima Plus Passion Red – For the Perfect Espresso, Cappuccinos and Cafe Lattes.

The Lattissima Plus Passion Red coffee making machine is a boon to coffee lovers.  This well designed machine makes outstanding espresso, cappuccinos or cafe lattes with the mere push of a button.  It is as simple as that.

It has power packed features designed for ease of use as well as to make the perfect brew.

The  Lattissima Plus Passion Red uses the unique Nespresso coffee pods to make a creamy, smooth, aroma filled fresh coffee brew.

It has an advanced Thermoblock system to ensure that the machine is ready for use in approximately 40 seconds.

It has a quiet pressure pump which operates at 19 bar pressure to ensure the coffee brew is extracted at the optimum level.

There is a memory system to ensure that the coffee can be customized by varying the quantum of milk, coffee and the froth volume.

The Lattissima Plus Passion Red ensures that each person gets his or her coffee exactly as he or she wants it.

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It has a patented single touch ‘milk carafe’ and frothing system and this ensures that you get a top class cappuccino or café lattes straight into your cup.  Lattissima Plus Passion Red machine is designed for cleanliness as well as ease of use.

Once you have finished the milk carafe can be cleaned just by pushing a button.  You can store the carafe in the refrigerator when not in use.

Lattissima Plus Passion Red has other interesting and useful features.  The adjustable drip tray enables the use of coffee cups, mugs and glasses of varying sizes.  It has an inbuilt auto-power off feature.  In addition to this it has a sensor to which gives an alert when de-scaling is due.

This makes it easy to clean.  Operating the machine is very easy.  It is easy to insert and eject the capsules.  It is programmable so that the volume and quantity of coffee, milk etc. can be varied.  It has a 11.8 oz milk container which has a frothing device as well as a function for automatic rinsing.

This container can be removed and stored.  It has a very fast pre-heating time of only 40 seconds.  You can set the automatic power-off mode to preset times varying from 9 minutes up to 8 hours.

Lattissima Plus Passion Red is a well designed, easy to operate machine and is a must have in any kitchen.

Lattissima Plus Passion Red – Perfect Coffee Made Easy

lattissima plus passion red

Lattissima Plus Passion Red

Lattissima Plus Passion Red, a compact machine, packed with multiple features has been designed to give the perfect coffee, be it espresso, cappuccino or café lattes at the touch of a single button.

For your morning brew, no more pottering about your kitchen to make a coffee, the Lattissima Plus Passion Red does it for you in a minute or two with no fuss and no mess.

This compact wonder is a boon to coffee lovers.  The Lattissima Plus Passion Red has a programmable memory system so that the quantity of coffee, milk and the volume of froth can be varied.

This means that each member of the family can get his or her coffee, as per their individual taste and made to perfection.  The pre-heat time is a mere 40 seconds and after that the Lattissima Plus Passion Red is ready to go.

Its many features include easy injection and ejection of capsules, programmable memory to suit varying tastes, a removable milk container with frothing device and automatic rinse functions, dishwasher proof, a sliding drip tray which can be adjusted to accommodate odd sized cups and glasses, auto power off mode which can be preset varying from 9 min up to 8 hours, storage space under the machine, holds up to 12 capsules etc.

It has two thermo blocks and pumps; one each for the milk and coffee. It comes with a two year warranty from the date of purchase.

All features have been designed to make the machine user friendly, energy efficient and at the same time taking care of safety aspects.  All you have to do is to load the machine with the capsules and milk and press a button.

Presto, in a minute you will get a perfect cup of coffee as per your taste.  Cleaning?  No problem.  The auto clean and rinse functions will do the job.  Forgot to turn off the machine?  Again no problem, depending on the preset auto off function the machine will switch off after the preset time.

Just imagine with the Lattissima Plus Passion Red all you do is push a button the machine does the rest.  All you need to do is to enjoy the perfect coffee that the Lattissima Plus Passion Red just made for you.

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