Pixie Indigo

Pixie Indigo

The Pixie Indigo is as cute as can be compact single cup espresso maker; Nespresso’s latest great invention. It is as perfect as the rest, and features the user friendliness and simplicity of all Nespresso machines.

With the Pixie line, Nespresso keeps things simple.  With a compact design and light weight of 6 lbs and 10 ounces, this tiny version can be transported easily into any room in the house or office to enjoy.

The Pixie Indigo as well uses the exclusive hermetically sealed coffee pods available in 16 Grand Crus, developed by some of the best coffee makers in the world. The pods are sealed for optimal freshness and flavor and are available in many different profiles and aromas.

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With simple insertion, you can pop in your favorite color coded capsule and push the button waiting less than 1 minute to enjoy your beverage, whether it be espresso or lungo.

And, with that single serving pod, the Pixie Indigo uses the famous 19 bar pressure pump that extracts the maximum amount of flavor from each capsule, directly into your cup size of choice.

Once your espresso or drink has dispensed, your used capsule is automatically ejected into the internal spent pod container that hold up to 10 pods, making clean up a cinch.

The Advantages of the Pixie Indigo

  • The Pixie Indigo is fast! The Pixie was developed to reach optimal brewing temperature in 25 seconds, making it Nespresso’s fastest machine to date, with a speedy thermoblock optimized water circuit.
  • The Pixie  Indigo doesn’t let you forget! With a smart alert system and an infrared warning light, you will never run out of water in your Pixie as fiber optics check the water level for you!
  • The Pixie Indigo also comes in 5 other great colors, with 2 different finishes, a steel handle and side panels, and its compact design rivals the best compact espresso machines available.
  • The Pixie Indigo is ergonomically friendly, with a stylish compact size at 111mm x 235 mm x 326 mm (L x H x W), sporting a power cord storage area, and special cup holder to adapt to espresso, lungo and latte macchiato.
  • The Pixie automatically turns itself off after a favorable 9 minutes which makes this cute little machine a real energy saver, and uses an average of 40% less energy than most average size machines.  Saving energy is important!
  • The Pixie has great accessories, with matching available cups, mixers, capsule dispensers and even a convenient carrying bag to transport your Pixie safely to your destination.
  • The Pixie has a 0.7 L water tank with the automatic low water alert.

The Pixie Indigo  has a convenient cup size selection with a retractable foldable drip tray that holds larger cup sized,

Pixie Indigo

Pixie Indigo Pods

allows for specific brew duration preferences, and removable water tank for easy fill and less spills.

Nespresso lovers will not be the least bit surprised by this great, yet tiny machine. With an auto-shut off after 9 minutes, 1 or 3 ounce pour, and compatibility with the Aeroccino milk frother for milk based espresso drinks, Nespresso has again amazed us with a great looking, compact, stylish machine in the Pixie line.

The Pixie Electric Indigo is also available in Pixie Electric Titan (Titanium), Pixie Steel Blue, Pixie Electric Red, Pixie Electric Aluminum, and Pixie Electric Lime.  Get yours today!

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